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Final controlling elements

control valvesplug valvesbutterfly control valveslined valveselectric and pneumatic drives

Self-operated controllers

temperature controllerspressure regulators, pressure reducersdifferential pressure regulatorsbulk current controllers


filtersblock valvesattaching parts

It is decisive for you as user to employ final controlling elements and fittings meeting the requirements of your company and at the same time offering maximal safety of operation and product quality.

Our PRE-VENT®-valves and fittings manufactured as per ISO 9001 meet these requirements. Due to the large range of products we are able to offer you the best possible choices of technically perfected products of high quality for your application.


Outstanding solutions with distinctive technology and design are becoming increasingly important in today's capital goods industry. In these cases, specially developed technical solutions for the application are required. A uniform appearance is also essential in representing the corporate identity. In the eyes of the user, this begins with the human-machine interface. In addition to an extensive range of standard products, B&R always have the right automation solutions, ranging from freely configurable, customized user interfaces to specially developed electronic components and software


Industrial process measurement and control equipment like control valves, self actuating regulators, butterfly valves, pressure gauges and temperature gauges.